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Simple KPI tile

The goal is to create a simple KPI tile using the widget concept.


Start by using the existing widget template “Exercise: Minimalistic KPI” in the widget library “widget-exercises”.

  • Create a new header in the property panel called “Settings”
  • Create the following custom properties using the Property Panel editor
    • Title (Input, name “Title”, reference kpiTitle)
    • KPI (Input, name “KPI”, reference kpi)
    • Color, containing the values “red”, “green” & “orange” as keys, choose appropriate labels (reference color)
    • Comparison KPI (Input, reference comparisionKPI)
  • First extend the existing Widget to make it fully dynamic
    • Title, KPI and the color should be bound to the properties defined by the user.
  • Test the KPI extensively in an existing app

Don't proceed, first try it, then have a look at the solution ;-)


First create the properties:





Now let's add bind the HTML output to some of the properties:

<div class="wiSimpleTile">
    <div class="header">{{settings.kpiTitle}}</div>
    <div class="measure">{{settings.kpi}}</div>
    <div class="bar">{{settings.comparisonKPI}}</div>

So far we have bound all properties, except the color property.
And here comes a nice trick:

  • If you have a look at the CSS, you'll find some classes there:
    • .bar-green
    • .bar-orange
    • .bar-red
  • Now let's bind to these classes, depending on the selected color:
<div class="bar bar-{{settings.color}}">{{settings.comparisonKPI}}</div>

The Final Result

A proposed solution can be review in the widget "Result: Minimalistic KPI" (widget library "widget-exercises").