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Let your widget interact with Qlik Sense using actions.

The following actions can be used to make your widget more interactive with Qlik Sense:

  • app.clearAll - Clear all selections.
  • app.back() – Back to the previous selection
  • app.forward() – Forward to the next selection
  • navigation.nextSheet() – Jump to the next sheet
  • navigation.prevSheet() – Jump to the previous sheet
  • navigation.gotoSheet(<sheetId>) – Jump to a sheet, defined by Id
  • navigation.gotoStory(<storyId>) – Jump to a story, defined by Id

This is just an excerpt of the available actions, for a full list, have a look at the App API or the Navigation API


Bind your widget with an action using e.g. ng-click (in case of a button):


<button ng-click="app.clearAll()">Clear All</button>

Note: To apply styles, e.g. use the Leonardo-UI styles.


This example uses Leonardo-UI styles an some of the predefined actions:


    <lui-button ng-click="app.back();">Back</lui-button>
    <lui-button ng-click="app.clearAll();">Clear All</lui-button>
    <lui-button ng-click="app.forward();">Forward</lui-button>
& {
    padding:10px 10px 10px 10px;

  .lui-button {



Q: Is it possible to define custom actions?
A: Right now, this is not possible, but on the roadmap for future versions.