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The sys-info component

Work with meta-data from Qlik Sense and use them in your widget.


You can retrieve system meta-information to support the development process of widgets or you can add system meta information to custom visualizatons using the qw-sys-info component. The following system metadata information can be retrieved:

  • All apps.
  • Sheets and objects in the current app.
  • Visualizations in the current app.
  • Dimensions and measures in the current app.
  • All visualization extensions available.
  • All widgets available.
  • All bookmarks available.
  • All current selections.
  • All master objects.



<qw-sys-info content="sheets">
    <ul style="margin-left:20px;">
        <li ng-repeat="sheet in sheets"
            ng-bind="sheet.qMeta.title" />

(when Helpdesk Management app is selected)


The following properties can be used, separated by commas to fetch system information:

  • apps
  • sheets
  • fields
  • measures
  • dimensions
  • extensions
  • bookmarks
  • currentselections
  • masterobjects
  • visualizations

Multiple information

You can not only fetch one entity but you can combine multiple as shown in the example below:

<qw-sys-info content="dimensions,measures">
    <ul style="margin-left:20px;">
        <li ng-repeat="dimension in dimensions" ng-bind="dimension.qMeta.title">
    <ul style="margin-left:20px;">
        <li ng-repeat="measure in measures" ng-bind="measure.qMeta.title">