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Create an advanced KPI tile

The goal is to create an advanced KPI tile using the Widget concept.

Now we have learned the basics. Let's use all the concepts together to create an advanced KPI tile.


The KPI tile should offer the following functionality:

  • The user can add one or more (up to three) measures to be displayed
  • In the first view only the most important KPI will be shown, the user has the possibility to show more KPIs on demand
  • The user should be able to add an explanatory description
  • The user can select the style in the property panel
    • The style also includes an icon displayed next to the KPIs
  • The user should be able to define a URL, which will represent a web-page, containing more details about the KPIs
  • The KPI tile should be fully responsive


Have a look into the "Drill KPI", part of the sample widgets, delivered with Qlik Sense.