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Basic Data Binding

Data binding is the essential concept to make your Widgets useful and re-usable.


  • Create a new widget, call it “Data-Binding” or use the existing widget “Exercise: DataBinding” from the widget library “widget-exercises”.
  • Now let's visualize the default properties which are always available, for every widget:
    • Title (settings.title)
    • Subtitle (settings.subtitle)
    • Footnote (settings.footnote)
  • Use the “Insert” dialog to insert references to the properties in your HTML area using the double curly braces syntax, e.g. {{settings.title}}
    • Alternatively use AngularJS’ directive ng-bind which is a bit harder to read, but from a performance perspective the preferred option.
      (there is an example in the widget “Exercise: DataBinding”)
  • Save the widget and double-check if rendering works properly in an existing app.

The final result should render a table with some properties in a format similar like the following one:

Don't proceed, first try it, then have a look at the solution ;-)


By opening the widget "Result: DataBinding" (widget library "widget-exercises") you can have a look at the proposed solution.

References and further readings