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About this tutorial

Another kind of a tutorial ... A living tutorial ...

In the past I was writing quite a lot of article on my private blog which is fine in general, but I realized when writing a tutorial, a blog is not really the ideal format.

So it's time to try something new: A living tutorial.

What's a "Living Tutorial"?

The main idea behind publishing this tutorial to GitHub is, that a really good tutorial should probably never be finished. If there are changes to be made (either in the code or the descriptive text), it should just be easy to make these changes and publish them. Certainly not only for me - the primary author - but also for other people.

So I invite you to not only consume, but also to participate!

Folder structure for code samples

If there is some code related to a chapter, the code folder is always structured the same way:

buildFolder containing a zip-file called *_latest.zip with the latest version
distIntroduced in later chapters
gruntGrunt tasks for my internal deployment system, you can ignore it as of now. I'll talk about it in some of the later chapters.
srcThe source code used for the given chapter