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Installation & Usage of Custom Components

How to install custom components in either Qlik Sense Desktop or Qlik Sense Server

Before we start developing a new Custom Component, let's have a look how Custom Components are installed and used.


Technically speaking Custom Components are a new extension type, therefore the installation of a Custom Component is exactly the same compared to installing a Visualization Extension.

Installation using Qlik Sense Desktop

Follow the instructions as published here.

Installation using Qlik Sense Server

Follow the instructions as published here.


As soon as a Custom Component is installed, you can immediately use it in the Widget editor.


Make sure that you reload the Widget editor after you have installed a new Custom Component, as Custom Components are loaded at the same time as the Widget editor loads its UI.


  • Download the sample component "ccs-boilerplate" and install it on either Qlik Sense Desktop or Qlik Sense Server.
  • Start the Widget editor and create a new widget (either in a new or existing Widget library).
  • In HTML enter the following code
  • After having selected any app, you should see the following in the Preview:

  • Furthermore if you open the developer console of your browser you should see the following:

OK; perfect, a very basic Custom Component now works, let's have a look in the next chapter to this was done.