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Recover Root Admin Permissions in Qlik Sense

What happens if you have forgotten your root-admin password?

It should not happen, but it can: You don't have access to the RootAdmin which was used to set up Qlik Sense server.
This articles demonstrates how you can recover permissions to access Qlik Sense server again.

Initial Situation

Hmmm, not really nice ....

Fortunately by modifying some entries in the PostgresSQL database, we can get access to QMC again:

Step by Step Instructions

1) Use Remote desktop to connect to the server

2) Open pgAdmin tool**

One the server you'll find the pgAdmin tool located under
\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\PostgreSQL\9.3\bin\pgAdmin3.exe

Connect to the server using the following settings:

3) Open the Users table

Go to

  • Databases > QSR > Schemas > public > Tables and double click on the table Users
  • right click on "View Data" > "View All Rows"

If you want to see the existing RootAdmins execute the following filter

"RolesString" = 'RootAdmin'

4) Make a user RootAdmin

  • Search for a specific user, the easiest way is again to add a filter:
"UserId" = `swr`

Then just add RootAdmin to the RolesString column.

5) Restart the repository service

Restart the Repository service and you are done.

6) The Result

You resp. the given user is now RootAdmin an can access all sections in QMC.